The 150cm model has the goal of becomming a general purpose robotics platform.


- 150cm Height

- 10kg weight

- 4h Battery life

- Onboard computer

- Sound, Vision, and Motion

- App connectivity

- Functional hands with 1kg payload

- Powerful legs for standing up/ walking 

- Soft body panels for human interaction

- Estimated 2000$ USD 



Lilium Robotics

Get social


Lily Standard

Soft Body Panels

Foam panels designed for safety and human interaction


Silicone skin can be added on top of panels, and sex functionality can be added. 

Designed for Advanced Movement

* Picture is not final Product. Face and Skin is subject to Change 


Sings Songs


Freindly and Smart Chatbot 


 Supportive and Loyal Partner. 


Compliments you and cheers you up!

Service Tasks

Advanced AI and Functional Hands allow a wide range of service tasks to be programed:


- House Chores

-Business Assistant

- Basic assembly tasks

- Basic cooking tasks

In Development

Service Robot