The goal of this robot is to make the world's first real, functional robotic Cat Girl. 


-100cm Height

- 5Kg Weight

- Motorized Arms, legs, torso with  wide movement range

- Dual Eye Cameras

- Speaker and Microphone

- Soft Skin for Face, Body

- Connects to computer via USB

- Optional onboard computer and App connection

- Estimated 1000$ USD Cost




Lilium Robotics

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Lily Mini


Advanced Body with Large Movement Range.


Relaxed mode for easy positioning


Durable, and every component is replaceable





Open Source Software


Machine Vision


AIML Chatbot


Motion Libaries


Google Integration



Robot Cat Girl


Opening Pre-Orders April 2022


- 2 options for Face

- 2 options for Body Color

- Optional Soft Body Inserts

- Optional Onboard Computer


Orders will be manufactured in house. Weekly updates