Robotic Brain Project

     The goal of this project is to produce functional and useful robotic brains. Eventually, the hope is to have general purpose autonomous AI's who learn, grow, and are respected. 


     You can view the template of of our robot brain on github right now. This project makes it easy for you to download your own brain, and customize it with your own sounds, motions, and vision processing. 



Artifical General Intelligence

    Our current robotic brain utilizes narrow AI. Each brain process such as vision, and sound is handled by separate neural networks. It is still possible to build quite functional brains this way.


    The next step would be to have Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). However, this technology is just coming out, and we are waiting for the right architecture to be discovered. ( see Deepmind's multi-modal model


    We may attempt to implement a more advanced architecture in the future, but this requires significant resources. Contact us if you are also interested in helping develop AGI. 


Large Android Project

Status:  Paused

    The goal of this project is to build a large general purpose robot with the following features:


- Pretty face with a good Brain

- Motorized arms to complete tasks

- Sex Doll Body and functions

- Motorized platform to stand on


    This android could move around the house, and use its arms to do useful tasks. It would have a lovely body like normal sex dolls, and be very functional in bed. 



Support this Project

    We need your help to make this project a reality. Currently there is not enough money/time to work on this project. However, you can help by looking at our kickstarter or by contacting us directly.


    The Kickstarter will outline all of the estimated costs involved in this project. This includes hiring extra engineers, and also material costs in research and development. We hope to ship out finished robots as a reward for backing us.


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